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UV Sheets, also known as Polycarbonate Sheets, are gaining popularity in Pakistan for construction projects due to their lightweight and durable properties. If you’re planning to use UV Sheets, it’s important to be aware of the UV Sheet Price in Pakistan.

You will get detailed information about polycarbonate UV Sheet Prices in Pakistan. UV Sheet Prices are highly dependent on the quality and thickness of the sheets. UV Sheets are commonly used for home decoration after the completion of the construction project. They are an excellent choice for outdoor signs, roofing, and high-traffic areas.

UV Sheet Price in pakistan

UV Sheet Price in Pakistan

In Pakistan, UV sheets are priced between Rs. 3500 and Rs. 5500, with variations based on factors like brand, size, and quality. Prices may fluctuate, so it’s advisable to check with multiple wholesalers, negotiate, and stay updated on any changes in UV sheet prices. Also, we have added the UV Sheet Price in Lahore.

Types Size Price in PKR
Super Gloss Sheet 8×4 Feet Rs. 1500
Light UV Sheet 8×4 Feet Rs. 5000
MDF UV Sheet 8×4 Feet Rs. 4500
Lamination Chip Board 8×4 Feet Rs. 2900
UV High Glass Sheet 8×4 Feet Rs. 9500
Wardrobe UV Sheet 8×4 Feet Rs. 6200
Modern Kitchen UV Sheet 8×4 Feet Rs. 10000

Types of UV Sheets in Pakistan

  • Polycarbonate Sheets: Lightweight, transparent roofing material with high impact resistance, commonly used in construction.
  • Acrylic Sheets: Transparent, versatile plastic known for optical clarity, used in signage, display cases, and various artistic applications.
  • Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Sheets: Strong, corrosion-resistant sheets made from fiberglass and resin, widely employed in construction for durable panels and automotive components.

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 Manufacturers of UV Sheets in Pakistan

  • Chawla Aluminum & Board Lite Sheet
  • Hamza Traders
  • Patex Experience Centre
  • Hamid Awais & Brothers
  • Skylite Sheet
  • Hafiz Plywood
  • AR Traders
  • Lyallpur Store
  • Maqsood and Sons Plywood
  • Thermopore Insulation Sheet Company

Advantages of UV Sheets

  • Durability: UV sheets are highly durable and impact-resistant, capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions, ensuring a long-lasting performance.
  • UV Resistance: Designed to resist ultraviolet (UV) radiation, UV sheets prevent yellowing or degradation over time, ensuring a longer lifespan and maintaining aesthetic appeal.
  • Lightweight: UV sheets are lightweight, facilitating easy handling and installation. This feature makes them versatile for various applications in construction and design, reducing installation time and costs.
  • Easy Installation: UV sheets, being lightweight and flexible, are easy to handle and install. This ease of installation further enhances their suitability for different applications, contributing to cost and time efficiency.

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Disadvantages of UV Sheets

  1. Scratch Sensitivity: UV sheets can be prone to scratching, which may affect their appearance over time. Proper care is needed to avoid abrasions during handling, installation, or cleaning.
  2. Cost: UV sheets can be relatively more expensive upfront compared to some traditional building materials. The initial cost may be a factor for budget-conscious projects, although the long-term durability may offset this concern.
  3. Yellowing Over Time: Despite UV resistance, some UV sheets may experience yellowing or discoloration over extended periods of exposure to sunlight. This can impact the aesthetic appeal, particularly in applications where color consistency is crucial.
  4. Expanding and Contracting: UV sheets may expand and contract with temperature fluctuations, leading to potential issues if not properly installed with allowance for such movements. This can result in gaps or warping over time.


UV sheets, or polycarbonate sheets, are strong and versatile for construction in Pakistan. Knowing their price, types, and benefits is crucial. Whether for skylights or greenhouses, UV sheets offer durability. Research and compare prices, considering factors like thickness and UV protection, for a smart and long-lasting investment in your project.


Is UV Sheet bendble?

Yes, UV sheets, or polycarbonate sheets, are generally bendable and flexible, allowing them to be shaped for various applications such as roofing and architectural designs.

Do UV sheets come with warranties?

Many UV sheet manufacturers offer warranties that vary in duration. Be sure to inquire about the warranty terms when purchasing UV sheets for your project.

What factors affect the UV sheet price in Pakistan?

Multiple factors affect UV sheet prices in Pakistan, the brand, size, quality, design, etc.

UV Sheets are consist of?

UV sheets used for kitchen cabinets are primarily polycarbonate resin, a thermoplastic material.

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