LPG Gas Price In Pakistan Today | Gas Cylinder Per KG Rate

LPG, or liquefied petroleum gas, is a flammable hydrocarbon gas that is used as fuel in heating appliances, cooking equipment, and vehicles. It is a byproduct of the petroleum refining process and natural gas processing. It highlights the increasing demand for LPG and the need to understand why its prices go up and down. The goal is to explore the reasons behind these price changes in the LPG gas market in Pakistan.

You will find here the latest Price of  LPG Gas in Pakistan issued by the (OGRA). LPG Gas rates are different in different cities of Pakistan, but there is not much difference on the basis of geographical location of cities. As Winter starts in Pakistan there will be a shortage of LPG Gas in 98% of cities of the whole country.

LPG Gas Price In Pakistan Today

LPG Gas Price in Pakistan Today

Currently, in Pakistan, the price of LPG gas is Rs. 262 per kilogram. Keep in mind that this price may change over time due to various factors. It’s a good idea to stay informed about the latest price changes to manage energy costs effectively.

LPG Gas Rate in the Market:

No. Weight Price
1. LPG (Per KG) Rs. 262
2. Domestic Cylinder (11.8 KG) Rs. 3,300
3. Commercial Cylinder (45.4 KG) Rs. 12,000

OGRA LPG Gas Price:

No. Weight Price
1. LPG (per KG) Rs. 240.95
2. Domestic Cylinder (11.8 Kg) Rs. 2,834
3. Commercial Cylinder (45.4 Kg) Rs. 10,902

LPG Gas Suppliers In Pakistan:

Certainly! Here’s the list:

  • Pakistan Petroleum Ltd (PPL)
  • National Refinery Ltd
  • BYCO Refinery Ltd
  • Pakistan Arab Refinery Company Ltd (PARCO)
  • Pakistan Refinery Ltd (PRL)
  • MOL (Pakistan) Oil & Gas Co. B.V. (MOLPyramid Gas Ltd)
  • OGDCL Ltd (Oil and Gas Development Company Limited)
  • Noor LPG
  • PSO (Pakistan State Oil Gas)
  • Lub Gas
  • Parco Pearl Gas
  • Saphire Corporation

Factors Affecting Price Of  LPG Gas in Pakistan

Several factors influence the price of LPG gas in Pakistan. Some key determinants include:

  1. International Market Trends: Global demand and supply dynamics impact LPG prices. Fluctuations in the international market can lead to changes in local prices.
  2. Crude Oil Prices: As LPG is derived from crude oil, fluctuations in crude oil prices on the global market can directly affect the cost of LPG.
  3. Exchange Rates: Since crude oil and LPG are often traded in international markets using foreign currencies, exchange rate variations can impact the local price of LPG in Pakistan.
  4. Government Policies: Government regulations and taxation policies, including subsidies or changes in import duties, can influence the final retail price of LPG.
  5. Transportation Costs: The cost of transporting LPG from refineries or import terminals to distribution points can impact prices, especially if there are changes in fuel prices or transportation infrastructure.
  6. Seasonal Demand: LPG consumption patterns may vary seasonally, with higher demand during colder months for heating purposes. This fluctuation can influence prices.
  7. Market Competition: The level of competition among LPG suppliers and distributors in the market can affect pricing strategies, with increased competition often leading to more competitive prices.
  8. Storage and Distribution Costs: Costs associated with storing and distributing LPG, including infrastructure maintenance and operational expenses, can influence the overall pricing structure.

Safety Measures For Using LPG Gas

Here are some safety measures for using LPG gas:

  • Ensure proper ventilation.
  • Regularly inspect equipment for damage.
  • Use authorized installations.
  • Install gas leak detectors.
  • No smoking or open flames near LPG.
  • Secure cylinders away from heat sources.
  • Install emergency shut-off valves.
  • Avoid DIY repairs; seek professional help.
  • Follow safe ignition procedures.
  • Educate household members on safety.
  • Know emergency procedures.
  • Use certified LPG appliances.


When we talk about the Rate of LPG Gas in Pakistan, it’s like finding a balance between what’s affordable and what’s good for the environment. The prices can go up and down because of things happening around the world, but it’s the job of the government to make sure things stay reasonable. If the prices are steady, we have the right infrastructure, and we use different kinds of energy sources, it helps us deal with the ups and downs of LPG prices. This approach benefits both consumers and industries by providing consistent and reasonably priced LPG for various needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the common uses of LPG?

Mostly, the LGP Gas is used for many purposes such as coocking, water heating, and feuling vehicals.

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