Loha Scrap Rate Today in Pakistan 2023 | Steel Rate

Pakistan’s scrap industry is undergoing rapid expansion driven by escalating material costs. This article explores the dynamics of the Loha scrap rate, providing insights into pricing structures and potential opportunities within this flourishing sector. As global industries undergo transformations, the scrap business adapts, reflecting the evolving landscape of economic activities.

If you are searching for the Loha Scrap rate in Pakistan then you are at the right place because Loha, representing a full-fledged business, is in high demand in Pakistan, contributing to the country’s largest industry amid rising prices across various sectors. The scrap business, experiencing significant growth, mirrors the broader trend of increased commodity prices.

There are many types of Scrap Loha which is why all these types have different prices. The Rate of Loha Scrap also depends on its quality. If it is of good quality, its value has increased, but if it is of poor quality, its value has decreased.

Loha Scrap Rate in Pakistan Today

Loha Scrap Rate in Pakistan Today

Today there is a lot of fluctuation in the world market due to which the price of iron is not the same as before but it is changing. From which different types of goods are being made. Today’s iron price is given below.

Scrap Product Price (R.S.) Weight
Nigar Scrap Rates Rs. 180 to Rs. 182 1 KG
Plastic Pepsi Bottle Price Rs. 442 to Rs. 445 1 KG
Silver Scrap Price Rs. 518 to Rs. 525 1 KG
Copper Scrap Rate Rs. 2380 to Rs. 2390 1 KG
Plastic Scrap Rate Rs. 69 to Rs. 82 1 KG
Frig/Ac Compressor Scrap Rate Rs. 390 to Rs. 410 1 KG
Old Loha Scrap Rate Rs. 175 to Rs. 185 1 KG
Radi Kaghaz Scrap Rate Rs. 56 to Rs. 62 1 KG
Aluminium Scrap Price Rs. 1070 to Rs. 1095 1 KG
Steel Scrap Rate Rs. 235 to Rs. 255 1 KG
Battery Scrap Rate Rs. 441 to Rs. 425 1 KG
Brass Scrap Rate Rs. 1472 to Rs. 1482 1 KG

Old Loha Scrap Price In Pakistan Today

All these scrap iron rates are given per 1 kg.

OLD Loha Scrap Rate


Iron Scrap Markets Price Per KG
Gujranwala Iron Scrap Rates Rs. 130 – Rs. 150
Lahore Purana Loha Scrap Dealers Rs. 130 – Rs. 150
Karachi Old Iron Scrap Mandi Rates Rs. 130 – Rs. 150
Peshawar Lohe ka Scrap Rates Rs. 130 – Rs. 150
Quetta Iron Scrap Mandi Rs. 130 – Rs. 150
Multan Loha Kabar Scrap Market Rs. 130 – Rs. 150
Islamabad Iron Scrap Dealers Rs. 130 – Rs. 150

Copper Scrap Rate in Pakistan

Copper scrap rates for all cities are detailed. Today copper scrap price is Rs 2350 but it is being bought between Rs 2250 to Rs 2400.


Copper Rates Price Per Kg
Multan Copper Rate Rs. 1800 – Rs. 2300
Islamabad Loha Rate Rs. 1800 – Rs. 2300
Gujranwala Scrap Copper Rates Rs. 1800 – Rs. 2300
Peshawar Copper Price Today Rs. 1800 – Rs. 2300
Copper Rate in Lahore Rs. 1800 – Rs. 2300
Karachi Copper Price Rs. 1800 – Rs. 2300
Quetta Copper Rates Rs. 1800 – Rs. 2300

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Aluminum Scrap Rate in Pakistan Today

Aluminum is a very precious metal. It can be used everywhere in the industry. At present, the market rate of aluminum scrap in Pakistan ranges from Rs.950 to Rs.1300.

Aluminum Scrap Rate Today in Pakistan

Aluminium Scrap Markets Price Per KG
Islamabad Rs. 1000 – Rs. 1300
Rawalpindi Rs. 1000 – Rs. 1300
Peshawar Rs. 1000 – Rs. 1300
Karachi Rs. 1000 – Rs. 1300
Quetta Rs. 1000 – Rs. 1300
Lahore Rs. 1000 – Rs. 1300
Gujranwala Rs. 1000 – Rs. 1300

Silver Scrap Price In Pakistan Today

Silver scrap 1kg price in Pakistan is Rs. 510 to Rs. 520 per kilogram.

Silver Scrap Markets Price Per Kilo
Peshawar Rs. 510 – Rs. 520
Lahore Rs. 510 – Rs. 520
Karachi Rs. 510 – Rs. 520
Islamabad Soft & HardSilver Scrap Dealers Rs. 510 – Rs. 520
Multan Rs. 510 – Rs. 520
Quetta Rs. 510 – Rs. 520
Gujranwala Rs. 510 – Rs. 520

Steel Scrap Rate in Pakistan Today

Generally, 1 Kg steel scrap price in Pakistan is Rs. 210 to Rs. 220 per kg.

Steel Scrap Markets Price Per KG
Peshawar Rs. 210 – Rs. 220
Karachi Rs. 210 – Rs. 220
Steel Scrap Dealers in Lahore Rates Rs. 210 – Rs. 220
Multan Rs. 210 – Rs. 220
Gujranwala Rs. 210 – Rs. 220
Old steel Scrap Dealers in Islamabad Rs. 210 – Rs. 220
Steel Scrap Market in Quetta Prices Rs. 210 – Rs. 220

Plastic Scrap Rate in Pakistan Today

1kg scrap price in Pakistan is Rs. 60 to Rs. 70 per kilogram.

Plastic SCRAP Rate Today

Plastic Scrap Markets Price Per KG
Old Plastic Scrap Dealers in Islamabad Rs. 60 – Rs. 80
Peshawar Rs. 60 – Rs. 80
Karachi Rs. 60 – Rs. 80
Plastic Scrap Market in Quetta Rs. 60 – Rs. 80
Gujranwala Rs. 60 – Rs. 80
Mix Plastic Scrap Dealers in Lahore Rs. 60 – Rs. 80
Multan Rs. 60 – Rs. 80

Battery Scrap Rate in Pakistan Today

Scrap battery is in high demand in Pakistan as it is recycled a lot. This is a very important resource for recycling. Both the buyer and the seller of the battery benefit. Today, the price of a 1 kg battery in the market ranges from about Rs.400 to Rs.550.

Battery Scrap Rate Today

Scrap Battery 1 Kg Rate
Mobile Mix Battery Rs. 800
Car UPS Battery Scrap Rates in Pakistan Rs. 460
Black Khilona Battery Rs. 270
Lithium Nickel Cell Rs. 270
Dry Scrap Battery Rs. 450
Dry Hybrid Scrap Battery Rs. 250

Computer Laptop Scrap Rate in Pakistan

Computer Scrap Rate Today

Here, is the latest updated Computer Laptop Scrap Rate in Pakistan;

Computer Scrap 1 Kg Weight With Rate (PKR)
Hard Disk Rs. 750
Laptop Intel Green Chip Rs. 4,500
Mix Printer Rs. 850
P4 Rs. 1,450
Computer Power Supply Rs. 500
Key Board Rs. 100
Sila Light Rs. 190
CD Room Card Rs. 3,000
Key Board Paper Rs. 1,700
Kaktra IC Rs. 2,350
UPS Green Card Rs. 500
DVD Card Rs. 1,600
Printer IC Rs. 15,000
Banti Ket Rs. 300
Charger Rs. 220
Printer Machine Complete Rs. 120
LCD Card Rs. 1,200
Printer Rs. 750
Kachi Kat Saplai Rs. 280
Supply Without Wire Rs. 320
P3 Rs. 2,550
Kachi Kat Rs. 750
Hard Card Rs. 6,000

Metal Scrap Rate Today in All Cities:

Items Rates (Per KG)
Hard Silver Rs. 420 to 430
Steel Rs. 180 to 190
Compressor Tanba Rs. 280 to 290
Copper Rs. 1880 to 1985
Soft Silver Rs. 450 to 460
Brass Rs. 1100 to 1200

Pital Scrap Rate in Pakistan

Also, Pital has gained high value in the scrap industry. The latest price of Pital Scrap is given below in the table;

Pital Scrap Types Rates Weight
Pital Radiator Scrap Rs. 1280 1 KG
Pital Bora Scrap Rs. 1300 1 KG
Pital Compressor Scrap Rs. 1400 1 KG
Pital Motor Scrap Rs. 1560 1 KG
Laal Pital Scrap Rs. 1750 1 KG

Mix Plastic Scrap Rate Today in Pakistan

Item Weight Rate City
Mix Plastic Scrape 1 KG Rs. 70 to 80 Quetta
Mix Plastic Scrape 1 KG Rs. 70 to 80 Peshawar
Mix Plastic Scrape 1 KG Rs. 70 to 80 Karachi
Mix Plastic Scrape 1 KG Rs. 70 to 80 Lahore
Mix Plastic Scrape 1 KG Rs. 70 to 80 Gujranwala

Tin Dabba Scrap Rate in Pakistan

Tin Dabba Scrap Rate

Tin Dabba Scrap price depends on some factors such as place. In Pakistan, every city has its own price list but now the tin dabba scrap rate of 1 KG is between RS 110-125.

Item Weight Rate
Tin Dabba Scrape (All Over the Pakistan) 1 KG Rs. 110 to 125

Radi Kaghaz Mix Scrap Rate in Pakistan

Radi Kaghaz Scrap Rate

The rate for “the radi kaghaz mix scrap” remains consistent across major cities in Pakistan, including Lahore, Karachi, Gujranwala, Peshawar, and Quetta. The rates fluctuate within the range of Rs 55-60 per kilogram, attributed to the steady availability of this scrap material.

Item Weight Rate
Radi Kaghaz Mix Scrape 1 KG Rs. 55 to 60

The price remains the same and equal all over Pakistan including cities;

  • Lahore
  • Karachi
  • Gujranwala
  • Peshawar
  • Quetta
  • Islamabad
  • Faisalabad
  • Rahim Yar Khan
  • DG Khan
  • Multan

Last Words:

In summary, the pricing of scrap materials, as outlined in the table, is subject to fluctuations influenced by factors like material type, market demand, and economic conditions. As the recycling industry gains importance, staying informed about these dynamics becomes crucial for individuals and businesses involved in buying and selling scrap materials.

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is scrap and its types?

Scrap refers to discarded or waste material that can be recycled or reused. The types are Plastic Scrap, Metal Scrap, Pital Scrap, Electronic Scrap, and more.

What is the present range for Loha scrap rates in Pakistan?

Loha scrap rates in Pakistan vary between Rs. 56 and Rs. 2,390 per kilogram, contingent on the specific product type.

What is the scrap rate for copper in Pakistan?

The copper scrap rate is Rs. 2250 to Rs. 2600 per kilogram.

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