1 KG Ghee Price in Pakistan Today | Ghee Price in Pakistan 2024

If you’re looking for information about 1 KG of Ghee Price in Pakistan Today 2024, then you are at the right place. Here, we will talk about the updated rate list of Banaspati ghee in Pakistan. We have the information to guide your purchase based on budget, ensuring you choose the right brand for your needs.

Ghee prices in Pakistan are steadily rising, with a notable increase since 2024, impacting household budgets and affecting consumers due to changing market dynamics. The Ghee is essential for delicious meals in Pakistan, and is now a must-have in everyone’s diet, making it crucial to know the current cost of Ghee.

GHee price in pakistan

Ghee in Pakistan in Pakistan Today 2024

Everyone uses ghee for cooking at home, enhancing the nutritional value of food and promoting health benefits. However, for some individuals, it may have adverse effects rather than being beneficial.

Brand 1 Kg Price (Rs)
Zaavi Banaspati Ghee Rs 509
Golden Sun Ghee Rs 520
Labbaik Banaspati Ghee Rs 540
Ikhlas Banaspati Ghee Rs 565
Khyber Ghee Rs 520
Ghani Banaspati Ghee Rs 516
Kisan Banaspati Ghee Rs 690
Mezan Banaspati Ghee Rs 585
Rabi Banaspati Ghee Rs 587
Habib Banaspati Ghee Rs 593
Khushboo Banaspati Ghee Rs 480
Tullo Banaspati Ghee Rs 585
Sufi Banaspati Ghee Rs 580
Kashmir Banaspati Ghee Rs 610
Pareesa Banasapati Ghee Rs 525
Nice Ghee Rs 370
Manpassand Ghee Rs 508
Naz Banaspati Ghee Rs 510
Dilawar Ghee Rs 510
Khushroz Banaspati Ghee Rs 512

Dalda Ghee Price in Pakistan

Brand Rate (Rs)
Dalda Banaspati Ghee (1Kg) Rs. 535
Dalda Ghee 2.5 kg Tin Rs. 1,136
Dalda Cooking Oil 2.5Ltr Tin Rs. 1,200
DALDA SUNFLOWER Oil Pouch 1Ltr Rs. 527
Dalda Banaspati Ghee Pouch 1Kg Rs. 675
Dalda Banaspati Ghee Tin 2.5Kg Rs. 1,475
Dalda Cooking Oil Pouch 1L 5Pcs Pack Rs. 2,925

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Sultan Ghee Price in Pakistan

Brand Rate (Rs)
Sultan Banaspati Ghee 1 Kg Rs. 515
Sultan Banaspati Ghee 10 Kg Box Rs. 4,790
Sultan Banaspati Ghee 2.5 Kg Tin Rs. 1,215
Sultan Banaspati Ghee 5 Kg Box Rs. 2,395
Sultan Banaspati Ghee 16 Kg Tin Rs. 7,800
Sultan Banaspati Ghee 5 Kg Tin Rs. 2,410
Sultan Banaspati Ghee 12 Kg Rs. 5,748
Sultan Banaspati Ghee 16 Kg Box Rs. 7,800
Sultan Banaspati Ghee 10 Kg Tin Rs. 4,810

Asia Ghee Price in Pakistan

Product Rate (Rs)
Asia Ghee 1 Kg Pouch 530
Asia Ghee 10 Kg Carton 5,300
Asia Ghee 2.5 Kg Tin / Basket 1,325
Asia Ghee 5 Kg Box 2,650
Asia Ghee 16 Kg Tin 8,480
Asia Ghee 5 Kg Tin / Bkt 2,650
Asia Ghee 12 Kg Carton 6,360
Asia Ghee 16 Kg Basket 8,480
Asia Ghee 10 Kg Tin / Bkt 5,300

Pros of Ghee:

  • High Smoke Point:

Ghee has a high smoke point (around 482°F or 250°C), making it suitable for high-temperature cooking methods such as frying and sautéing without producing harmful compounds.

  • Rich in Fat-Soluble Vitamins:

Moreover, Ghee contains fat-soluble vitamins like A, E, and D, which play crucial roles in various bodily functions, including vision, skin health, and bone metabolism.

  • Lactose-Free:

Ghee is almost entirely free of lactose and milk solids, making it a suitable option for individuals who are lactose intolerant.

Cons of Ghee:

  • High in Saturated Fat:

Ghee is rich in saturated fat, and excessive consumption may contribute to elevated cholesterol levels and an increased risk of heart disease.

  • Calorically Dense:

Ghee is calorie-dense, and overconsumption may lead to an excess intake of calories, potentially contributing to weight gain.

  • Contains Trace Amounts of Milk Proteins:

Despite being clarified, ghee may still contain trace amounts of milk proteins, making it unsuitable for those with severe dairy allergies.

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Factors Affecting Ghee Prices

  • Competitive Market Dynamics: The presence of multiple producers and brands in the market creates competition. Pricing strategies adopted by different brands and producers can influence overall market prices.
  • Government Policies: Government policies related to agriculture, dairy farming, and trade can have a significant impact. Subsidies, import/export regulations, and other policies can affect the overall market dynamics and influence ghee prices.
  • Demand and Supply: Like any other product, ghee prices are subject to the basic economic principles of supply and demand. If demand for ghee increases or if there are disruptions in the supply chain, prices may go up.
  • Raw Material Prices: The primary ingredient in ghee is milk. Fluctuations in the cost of milk, influenced by factors such as demand, supply, and weather conditions affecting cattle feed, can impact ghee prices.
  • Transportation and Distribution Costs: The cost of transporting and distributing ghee from the production facilities to retail outlets can affect the final price. Fluctuations in fuel prices and transportation infrastructure can influence these costs.


In summary, the pricing of ghee in Pakistan is influenced by several factors, including quality, brand reputation, and quantity. Consumers are advised to conduct thorough comparisons among different ghee brands to ensure they get the best value for their money and make informed purchasing decisions. While premium brands may come with a higher price tag, it’s essential to consider that they might offer superior quality and nutritional value compared to lower-priced alternatives. In making choices, consumers should weigh the cost against the perceived benefits and prioritize their preferences based on taste, health considerations, and overall value.

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