Copper Rate in Pakistan | 1 KG Copper Price in Pakistan Today

In this post, we are going to share with you the Copper Rate in Pakistan. The price of Copper in Pakistan totally depends on the quality and is calculated per Kilogram(KG). Copper is known as Tamba in Pakistan and is used for construction purposes. Copper is a conductor and is also used for wiring plays an essential role from construction to electronics.

As a consumer or an investor, it is essential to stay informed about the current copper prices in Pakistan. we will highlight some of the best copper brands available in Pakistan. Copper holds a special place in human history, dating back thousands of years. Its malleability, durability, and excellent conductivity have made it a prized material for tools, artifacts, and currency.

Copper price in pakistan

Copper Rate in Pakistan Today

Pakistan is one of the countries that possesses a wide range of products of copper and trades at a very high level. There are two kinds of wire available in the market A and B grade. A grade wire is new and B grade is a scrap wire or old wire.

New Copper Price in Pakistan

The cost of newly produced or refined copper, which is commonly used in various industries. The new copper rate is determined by several factors, including global demand, supply, dynamics, economic conditions, and market speculation. It is crucial to keep track of these factors to understand the fluctuations.

Item Rate per KG
Whole Sale Rate (ہول سیل) Rs. 2,950
Lime (پرچون ریٹ) Rs. 3,000

Scrap Copper Price in Pakistan

The scrap copper rate in Pakistan aligns with the new copper rate, currently ranging from Rs. 1,660 to 1,970 per kilogram. Recycling copper not only reduces waste but also contributes to the sustainable use of resources.

Copper Price Type Price (Rs. per KG)
Scrap Copper Minimum Rs. 1,660
Scrap Copper Maximum Rs. 1,970

Factors Influencing Copper Rate in Pakistan

  1. Global Demand and Supply: If a lot of people want copper but there isn’t much available, the price goes up. If there’s plenty of copper and not many people want it, the price goes down.
  2. Economic Conditions: When the country experiences economic prosperity, it actively leads to the construction of more buildings, roads, and similar infrastructure. Extensive use of copper in construction increases demand for buildings directly drives up the demand for copper, resulting in a rise in its price.
  3. Infrastructure Development: Copper is used a ton in big projects like buildings and infrastructure. So, when the government decides to build a lot of new things, the demand for copper increases, affecting its price.
  4. Currency Exchange Rates: Fluctuations in the value of our currency, like the Pakistani Rupee, can actively cause changes in copper prices in our local market.
  5. Political Stuff in Other Countries: If there are problems in countries that make or use a lot of copper, it can affect the global supply. Political tensions or issues can disrupt the usual flow of copper, impacting prices in Pakistan.
  6. Mining and Production Costs: Getting copper from mines costs money. If it becomes more expensive to mine copper because of things like higher energy costs or stricter environmental rules, that can affect the overall supply and influence the price of copper.

Uses of Copper:

There are the following uses of Copper.

  • Electronics
  • Construction and Architecture
  • Plumbing and Piping
  • Heating and Cooling Systems
  • Transportation
  • Coins and Currency
  • Cookware and Kitchenware
  • Renewable Energy Systems
  • Art and Decoration

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Best Brands of Copper in Pakistan

No. Company Name
1 Maaz 360 Private Limited
2 Pioneer Cables Limited
3 Copper World
4 Orient Trading Company
5 Trading Strings
6 Ganar International
7 PM Engineering
8 Musleh Trading
9 I&H Trading and Manufacturing
10 Bushra Enterprises
11 Mirza Traders
12 Pearl Cables and Conductors
13 Mian Mohammad Feroze and Sons Enterprises
14 Petro Sourcing
15 Atta Steel and Copper Industries
16 System Electrical and General Equipment
17 Ali and Company
18 Veracom International
19 Future Traders
20 MM Enterprises

Last Words:

Copper is vital in various industries worldwide. In Pakistan, its current price ranges from Rs. 2,400 to Rs. 2,550 per kilogram, impacting sectors like construction and technology. The scrap copper market, priced between Rs. 1,660 and Rs. 1,970 per kilogram, plays a key role in resource sustainability. Staying informed about these prices is essential for individuals and businesses in copper-related activities. Understanding factors influencing copper prices helps make informed decisions in a dynamic economic environment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is the price of copper wire in Pakistan?

The price for a 500-gram bundle of 30-gauge copper wire in Pakistan is Rs. 700.

What are some reputable copper brands currently available in the Pakistani market?

Copper World, Musleh Trading, and Pioneer Cables Limited are among the top copper brands in Pakistan, recognized for their quality and reliability.

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