Chicken Rate In Pakistan 2024 | 1 KG Chicken Rate Today

There is no need to look any further if you are searching for a 1 kg Chicken Rate In Pakistan Today, 2024, as you have come to the right place. It will be our pleasure to share with you the latest poultry prices in the major cities of Pakistan. As of today, the chicken rate stands at Rs. 480 and goes to RS. 850 per kg across the country.

The Chicken Rate in Pakistan is significant for the country’s agriculture, contributing to food security. Poultry farming, mainly in Punjab and Sindh provinces, plays a vital role in ensuring a stable and ample food supply for the nation. The poultry industry in Pakistan is led by small-sized enterprises.

Chicken Price in Pakistan

Chicken Rate in Pakistan (Today)

Chicken prices in Pakistan are always a hot topic for both locals and tourists. The cost is influenced by factors like how much chicken is available, the time of year, and sometimes political changes, making it a fluctuating thing to buy. Depending on the place and the store, chicken prices can vary a lot. The prices mentioned for different cities in Pakistan are updated every day.

Chicken Rate Today in Lahore:

Type of Chicken Minimum Rate (Rs.) Maximum Rate (Rs.)
Alive Chicken Rs. 550 Rs. 670
Chicken Meat (Per KG) Rs. 600 Rs. 615
Packed Chicken (Per KG) Rs. 750 Rs. 820

Chicken Rate Islamabad:

Type of Chicken Minimum Price per KG (Rs.) Maximum Price per KG (Rs.)
Alive Chicken Rs. 410 Rs. 450
Retail Market Chicken (Per KG) Rs. 550 Rs. 580
Packed Chicken (Per KG) Rs. 603 Rs. 670

Chicken Rate in Multan:

Type of Chicken Minimum Price per KG (Rs.) Maximum Price per KG (Rs.)
Alive Chicken Rs. 410 Rs. 430
Chicken (Per KG) Rs. 550 Rs. 580
Packed Chicken (Per KG) Rs. 750 Rs. 800

Chicken Price in Rawalpindi Today:

Chicken Per KG Minimum Rate Maximum Rate
Packed Chicken Rs. 750 Rs. 885
Chicken Meat Rs. 545 Rs. 585

Chicken Rate Today in Karachi:

Type of Chicken Minimum Price per KG (Rs.) Maximum Price per KG (Rs.)
Alive Chicken Rs. 410 Rs. 460
Chicken Meat Rs. 450 Rs. 520
Packed Chicken Meat Rs. 575 Rs. 650

Different Poultry Item RatesThe poultry world has a variety of products to match different tastes. From common choices like chicken to unique options like quail and duck, each has its own price. Let’s explore and understand the costs and trends of these poultry items.

Poultry Item Rates (Rs. per KG)
Chicken Drumsticks Rs. 470
Chicken Leg With Skin Rs. 335
Chicken Without Skin Rs. 445
Chicken Breast Boneless Rs. 750
Chicken Leg Rs. 450
Desi Chicken Meat Rs. 1150
Chicken Neck Rs. 90
Chicken Mince Rs. 700
Chicken Wings Rs. 260

Factors Affecting Chicken Price

  • Feed Costs: Chicken feed, composed of grains and other ingredients, constitutes a significant portion of the cost of raising chickens. Fluctuations in the prices of these feed components directly impact production expenses. If the cost of feed rises, farmers may pass on these increased costs to consumers, affecting chicken prices.
  • Market Demand and Supply: The basic economic principle of supply and demand plays a crucial role in determining chicken prices. If the demand for chicken increases (e.g., due to holidays or events), or if there is a shortage in the supply (e.g., due to disease outbreaks), prices are likely to rise. Conversely, oversupply can lead to lower prices.
  • Processing and Labor Costs: The costs associated with processing, packaging, and labor contribute to the overall expense of bringing chicken to market. Changes in wages, processing technology, or packaging materials can influence these costs, subsequently affecting the final retail price of chicken.
  • Health and Disease: The health of the chicken population is crucial for maintaining production levels. Disease outbreaks among poultry can lead to reduced production and increased expenses for disease control measures, such as vaccinations and biosecurity measures. These additional costs may be reflected in higher chicken prices.
  • Government Policies: Government policies, such as regulations, subsidies, and trade agreements, have a substantial impact on chicken prices. For instance, import restrictions or subsidies on feed may affect the overall supply and cost structure of chicken. Changes in these policies can lead to shifts in pricing dynamics.

Last Words:

The cost of chicken in Pakistan, at Rs. 480 Per kg, is decided by factors like how much is available, how much people want, and the expenses of producing it. This number isn’t just about one place or what people like; it’s part of a bigger story that includes different cities and how the economy works. When people buy chicken at the market, it affects this whole system, like dropping a pebble in water—it creates ripples that shape how chicken is priced and sold.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What factors contribute to the cost of chicken meat?

The cost of chicken meat includes expenses related to processing, packaging, transportation, and seasonal demand changes.

How can consumers cope with the fluctuating chicken rates?

Consumers can stay informed about market trends, consider alternative protein sources, and adapt their meal plans to accommodate changing prices.

Why do chicken meat prices vary more than live chicken prices?

Chicken meat prices can be influenced by processing costs, packaging, and market segmentation. Different cuts of meat can also have varying perceived values, affecting their pricing.

Why is chicken so expensive in Pakistan?

The imposition of sales tax on the import of feed and medicines for chicken in recent months has sent poultry prices to a record high in Pakistan, the Pakistan Poultry Association (PPA) said on Tuesday.

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