Cement Price in Pakistan 2023 | Today Cement Rate in Pakistan

If you have come here to check the Today Cement Rate in Pakistan then this article provides you a comprehensive list of cement companies in Pakistan with varying prices due to market fluctuations. It emphasizes the dynamic nature of cement prices influenced by factors such as inflation. Readers are aware that prices may change over time, impacting those involved in construction or related businesses.

Cement is a binding material used in construction to adhere or bind other materials together. It is a fine powder, primarily composed of limestone, clay, sand, and other materials, which undergo a process called calcination when mixed with water.

The Cement Price in Pakistan has dramatically increased over the last several years. The construction sector plays a crucial role in Pakistan’s economic growth, and increases in prices develop in the near future and their potential impact on the construction landscape.

Cement Price in Pakistan

Cement Price in Pakistan Today 2023

Here we share the latest Prices of Cement in Pakistan of different companies. The price of each company’s Cement varies from others.

Cement Company Price 50kg Bag (RS.)
DG Khan Cement 1200-1210
Askari Cement 1190-1210
Falcon Cement 1195-1200
Maple Leaf Cement 1210-1220
Power Cement 1195-1210
Kohat Cement 1195-1205
Flaying Pakistan Cement 1170-1190
Bestway Cement 1200-1210
Paidar Cement 1185-1200
Cherat Cement 1185-1200
Fauji Cement 1190-1205
Lucky Cement 1190-1200

Latest Cement Rate Per Bag In Pakistan

Here you find the Cement Rate in Pakistan for different cities.

City Price Per Bag (RS.)
Sukkur 1,200
Larkana 1,173
Islamabad 1,198
Multan 1,200
Sargodha 1,190
Karachi 1,144
Lahore 1,240
Gujranwala 1,200
Rawalpindi 1,199
Faisalabad 1,200
Bannu 1,200
Bahawalpur 1,237
Hyderabad 1,150
Multan 1,214
Sialkot 1,210

White Cement Price in Pakistan Today

Cement Company Price 40kg Bag (RS.)
Kohat White Cement 1600-1800
Maple Leaf White Cement 1700-2000

Cement Companies in Pakistan

Here is the list of different companies in Pakistan.

Company Name
Fecto Cement Ltd
Flying Cement Company Ltd
Pioneer Cement Ltd
Cherat Cement Company Ltd
Kohat Cement Ltd
Attock Cement (Pakistan) Ltd
Zeal Pak Cement Factory Ltd
Power Cement Ltd
Javedan Corporation Ltd
Dewan Cement Ltd
DG Khan Cement Company Ltd
Safe Mix Concrete Ltd
Gharibwal Cement Ltd
Bestway Cement Ltd
Lucky Cement Ltd
Maple Leaf Cement Factory Ltd
Askari Cement Ltd.
Thatta Cement Company Ltd
Fauji Cement Company Ltd

Factors Affecting the Rate of Cement in Pakistan

The rate of cement in Pakistan can be influenced by various factors, including:

 1. Demand and Supply:

The basic economic principle of supply and demand plays a crucial role. If demand for cement exceeds supply, prices tend to rise, and vice versa.

 2. Construction Activity:

The level of construction activity in the country significantly impacts the demand for cement. High construction demand can lead to increased prices.

3. Inflation:

Inflationary pressures affect the overall cost of production, including raw materials, energy, and transportation, which can contribute to higher cement prices.

   4. Raw Material Costs:

The costs of raw materials like limestone, clay, gypsum, and other components used in cement production can affect pricing.

5. Government Policies and Taxes:

Government policies, taxes, and regulations can have a direct impact on the cement industry, influencing production costs and pricing.

6. Transportation Costs:

The cost of transporting cement from manufacturing plants to distribution points and then to construction sites can contribute to the final price.

7. Currency Exchange Rates:

If the currency depreciates, it can lead to an increase in the cost of imported machinery, equipment, and raw materials, affecting the overall cost of cement production.

8. Global Economic Conditions:

International economic conditions and global trends can affect the cost of imported raw materials and machinery, impacting local cement prices.

9. Competition:

The level of competition among cement manufacturers can also influence pricing. Intense competition may lead to price wars, while a lack of competition may result in higher prices.

  10. Environmental Regulations:

Compliance with environmental regulations can add costs to the production process, influencing the final price of cement.

11. Technological Advancements:

Adoption of new technologies and innovations in the cement manufacturing process can impact efficiency and production costs, influencing pricing.


This article is a quick guide to keeping track of daily Cement prices in Pakistan. It suggests visiting the site regularly for the latest updates and welcomes questions or comments for more information. Our aim is to provide a user-friendly experience for those interested in buying cement for construction or business.


What is the cost of 1 bag of cement?

One bag of cement weighing 50 KG, costs around RS. 1160 to RS. 1205

Which company is making the most cement?

D.G Khan Cement Company formulates most cement. The production capacity of DG Khan cement is 22,400 tons per day or 6.72 million tons.

What are the best cement brands in Pakistan?

  • Maple Leaf Cement
  • Lucky Cement
  • DG Khan Cement
  • Best Way Cement
  • Attock Cement

Which is the biggest cement production plant in Pakistan?

D.G Khan cement is the largest cement production plant all over the Pakistan?

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